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Manulife Financial Corp. Q2-2018 Earnings Update

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Manulife Financial Corp. is a financial services group with principal operations in Asia, Canada and the United States. Manulife's international network of employees, agents and distribution partners offers insurance and wealth management products and services to personal and business clients as well as asset management services to institutional customers. They operate as Manulife in Canada and Asia and as John Hancock in the U.S. Manulife is domiciled in Canada and incorporated under the Insurance Companies Act (Canada). Assets as of Dec-31-2017 totalled $729.5B, comprised of $334.2B in investments, $324B in segregated funds and the balance in derivatives and reinsurance holdings. The Company manages a number of segregated funds on behalf of policyholders. Policyholders are provided with the opportunity to invest in different categories of segregated funds that respectively hold a range of underlying investments. The Company retains legal title to the underlying investments; however, returns from these investments belong to the policyholders. Accordingly, the Company does not bear the risk associated with these assets outside of guarantees offered on certain variable life and annuity products. Liabilities totalled $687B largely comprised of reserves for insurance policy and segregated funds liabilities.

Revenues include; premiums received on life and health insurance policies and fixed annuity products, investment income earned on assets, fee and other income received for services provided; and realized and unrealized gains (losses) on assets supporting insurance and investment contract liabilities. Revenues also include investment management fees from administrative services only (ASO). Deposits received on investment contracts such as segregated funds, mutual funds and managed funds are not included in revenue; however fee income from these products, is included in revenue.


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