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Atco Ltd - Q1-2021 Earnings, Price Target

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Atco Ltd. (ACO.Y, ACO.X) operates in two segments, Utilities and Structures & Logistics. The utilities segment contributes 85% of adjusted net earnings, Structure & Logistics the remaining 15%.

Structures & Logistics include the design, manufacture, installation and the sale or lease of workforce and residential housing, modular facilities, construction, site support services, workforce lodging services, facility operations and maintenance, defense operations services, and disaster and emergency management services. Modular markets include public education facilities, high density urban residential housing, hotels, hospitals and correctional facilities The Utilities segment include electricity and natural gas transmission and distribution and international electricity operations. Energy Infrastructure includes electricity generation, energy storage, industrial water solutions and Neltume Ports. ATCO has a 40% interest in Neltume Ports. Neltume Ports is a port operator and developer of ports including bulk cargo and container terminals located primarily in Chile with additional operations in Uruguay, Argentina, and Brazil. Neltume Ports operates 16 port facilities and three port operation services businesses. A seventeenth port is under construction and is expected to be in service in 2021. In 2020, Neltume Ports handled 45M tons of products, including copper, forestry products, consumer goods and agricultural products

Canadian operations contribute 93% of revenues, Australia – 6% and 1% from other. In Jun-1980 ATCO Ltd acquired a 58.1% controlling interest in Canadian Utilities Limited (CU-TSX). Ownership is 52% as at Dec-31-2020.

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