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Mid Term Time Out- Earnings: ENB, TRP, BCE, CPX, ALA

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The better outcome for the US mid-term election is one that calms the political waters. Advances in communications carry the intensified tone, energy technology is changing the balance of international relations. Traditional mass media and those that represent them are literally under attack. Being able to control the supply and price of oil is no longer the potent political weapon it used to be.

The World Wide Web has created publicly accessible communications system open to unregulated, inflammatory and down-right dangerous information exchange. Effectiveness of FCC or CRTC style regulation is eroding, allowing a mass communication free-for-all that is intensifying. Energy has never been more plentiful and cheap. World orders that were built on controlling the supply of oil are weakening, opening the way for the new and untested allegiances. The avalanche of information and changes in energy supply are having a magnified impact on politics and financial markets. Against this backdrop, this week's comments consider possible outcomes for the US mid-terms, and the impact this could have on interest rates and financial markets in the weeks ahead.

Earnings updates include Enbridge Inc.(ENB), TransCanada Corp(TRP), BCE Inc.(BCE), Capital Power Corp. (CPX), and AltaGas Corp.(ALA). Also there is a review of price changes since the start of the year for preferred shares that illustrates the extent of the chaos in financial markets.

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